• Noah

    Noah really likes to help others, even when he isn't sure what they need. In his grandmother's neighborhood, no one speaks English. Noah is trying to learn Spanish, but misunderstandings often get him into a mess. Fortunately, he always manages to get himself out of trouble, often with the assistance of his pet mouse, Pequeño.

  • Pequeño

    A loyal pet who isn't very brave, Pequeño often finds himself rescuing Noah. Pequeño gets frustrated because he understands Spanish, but cannot speak it. He can only squeak, and often does so frantically as he tries to keep Noah on the right path.  But this rarely works.  

  • Coco

    A really smart five-year-old who lives near Abuela, Coco is like a little sister to Noah. She enjoys hanging out with him because he always does her favors. Also, she knows it's likely he'll end up taking her on a wacky adventure. Whatever happens, she doesn't freak out, because she has nerves of steel.  

  • Abuela

    Noah's grandmother is on a mission to help Noah learn Spanish. But her attempts to communicate with him often end in disaster. Though they may not speak the same language, Noah knows he can always count on her. She's sweet and loving, but brave enough to stare down a charging bull.  

  • Nell

    Nine-year-old Nell is Noah's best friend. She's new in town and struggling to learn Spanish, just like Noah. Nell always has Noah's back, and tries to be prepared for whatever comes his way. Her bag holds everything she thinks she and Noah will need in any situation – plus her smartphone, which she uses to translate Spanish words she doesn't know. 

  • Brisa

    Eleven-year-old Brisa is the busiest -- and most popular -- kid on the block. Because she speaks both Spanish (like her mom) and English (like her dad), she can help out Noah and Nell when they get into jams – if they can track her down!